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Why we are here

Growing Side by Side develops opportunities to build strong peer-to-peer bonds for those with special needs, their families and their caregivers.  


Building bonds with one-another is vital in our lives and essential  for our well-being.  But finding opportunities to build bonds is a challenge for everyone, but perhaps more so for those with special needs and their families.

Through collaboration, education and creation, Growing Side by Side works with community partners to provide opportunities, not just for those with special needs, but for their entire support network, most importantly their families. 


Individuals with special needs can make friends.  Parents find comfort in discovering commonalities with other parents.  Caregivers learn how to better support their clients through information sharing.


What we do

Growing Side by Side focuses on four key areas.


  • We facilitate the development of recreational and socialization programs.  This is achieved by bringing providers together to build new programs, support ongoing activities and create unique opportunities for people to simply be with one another in a relaxed, organic environment.

  • We provide educational and supportive programing for families with special needs.  We work with other organizations to conduct workshops and seminars covering topics in common.  From understanding the common challenges of parents and siblings to the latest information on medical or educational techniques.

  • We outreach to vulnerable and disadvantaged families to inform them of the available support services.

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Growing Side by Side is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.  Federal Tax ID: 86-2334596

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